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At Ark Animals, we focus on rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals in need however we rely on our various other services to fund this work. All profits made from our other services go straight into the upkeep and maintenance of the animals with us at Ark Animals and we thank your for your support.

Interactive experiences such as Creature Capers, Cuddle Companions or Educational Programmes work with animals who are carefully selected from our own, private collection at Ark Animals and only animals who are experienced with human interaction and are selected to become involved in these services.

The wellbeing of our animals is our top priority and we take them as individuals into account before allowing them to be included in an interaction service. This may mean that some animals may be absent from various packages, at the time of booking, due to individual situations such as being in the process of shed/moult, medical treatments, feeding schedules etc.

No animals held within the Ark Animals rescue, who are in the process of rehabilitation or looking for their forever homes are not included in any service, to provide them with a stress free lifestyle when remaining with us at the rescue.



Take a look at some of the stories of animals who have successfully found their homes thanks to our Rescue Service!

Wishing a farewell to all the beautiful animals who we have managed to help, happy that they have finally found their new families.

Monty 1.png


Jiemba, later renamed Monty was our first animal to successfully rehome to a loving forever home, after years of being kept in an inadequate enclosure he was successfully adopted to a loving and experienced home who had previously worked with an a mobile zoo. Although Monty's life became 10x better with his new family he unfortunately passed away after suffering from a long term health problems and is very much missed by his owners and the Ark Animals Team.


Some of the most successful stories from the work the Ark Animals Team has done to rehabilitate different animals and give them the chance of a happier life!



Leopard Tortoise
(Stigmochelys pardalis)

Ruthless came to us being over a foot in size but being housed in a tiny enclosure for an animal of his size meaning he could barely turn around. With no UVB lighting and completely inadequate heat lamps he was also being given the wrong diet. Because of him being kept in these conditions for 10 years he came to us with severe MBD which resulted in his shell pyramiding however he also came with other medical conditions including herpes and pinworm.

Despite this we have done years of work with him and have managed to treat his pinworm and prevent his MBD from progressing further, he now lives in an ideal enclosure with a suitable diet for this species. After having numerous operations on his shell he is now able to thankfully live a comfortable life.


Please contact us prior to heading down to our Rescue Centre in order to arrange an appointment with one of the team as this is a private site and can't have members of the public roaming.

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