Founded in 2014, to post about exotic animals on Instagram and create videos on YouTube, a young animal enthusiast wanted to share his passsion and knowledge. Since then it went through the process that turned us into an organisation where we gave advice on animal care and doing one anual reptile show.

When he met the love of his life, who was as equally animal mad as him, she quickly came into the fold bringing an entirely fresh input and allowed Ark Animals to evolve even further. We have now gone from rescuing our own animals to being able to offer a complete rescue service and offer even more animals the chance at a forever home.

We now offer educational services, private parties, and so much more. always trying to bring awareness about animals and what they can truly offer.



Save Our Souls - A Portsmouth University Documentary Project

Focusing on the reality of running an animal rescue and the struggles that our Director has gone through. Although it isn't all doom and gloom, there are so many bright moments of this amazing work. Seeing how an Animal Rescue has continued to run during the Covid-19 pandemic and how working from home is brought to a whole new level. This Documentary was created to help people understand what it's like for those who dedicate their lives to helping these amazing animals.